Thanks For All Your Patience - EP

by Brother Moses

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released March 6, 2015

Written/Recorded/Produced by Brother Moses, except for:

Group Vocal on Track 1, Guitar and Bass on Track 5: John-Lewis Anderson
Group Vocal on Track 1: Blake Baugher
Backup/Group Vocals on tracks 2-4, Cello on Track 4, Additional Production and Engineering on tracks 1-5: Matthew Heckmann
Assistant Drum Engineering on tracks 1-5: Andrew Litchford


Album Art: John-Lewis Anderson
Photograph by Matthew Heckmann, White Sands National Monument NM, 2015



all rights reserved


Brother Moses Fayetteville, Arkansas

we've been making music since we were babies. but we've gotten much better since then. we promise.


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Track Name: Older
the sun is setting and the leaves are turning red
sit on the windowsill and lean back on the bed
cause things are changing, maybe
it's warmer lately

kick up the comforter, good morning to your toes
sniff in the citronella, whistle through your nose
cause it's not over, no sir
you're just getting older

and are you still lonely when you're alone?
do you still fall asleep with your fingers on your telephone?
cause when you stop, then you can
talk talk talk, and act like a grownup
and oh my God, haven't we grown up a little
(Oh God we've grown up)
at least I think so
(and we're getting older)
and this year, or the next won't change us
but I feel in my chest that we're still
the same two people
you know that we're the same two people
you know that we are

zip up a jacket and forget you had a coat
write up a paragraph on what you know
because you know so much
you're so in touch

your friends are not the same old people that you knew
don't be a stranger but be careful who you talk to
Track Name: Wake You Up
can i wake you up? i'm tired of sleeping in
and love's too expensive
love cost you more than you could afford, and life's too expensive
and i'm tired of sleeping in

all we do is talk about, talk about it
all we do is laugh at how, laugh at how funny it is
can i wake you up? i'm tired of sleeping in
all we do is skirt around, skirt around it
all we do is act like it, act like it doesn't exist
can i wake you up? i'm tired of sleeping in

and we'd both agree that our love is expensive
but i can't commit to the idea of quitting
but is that commitment
or just love's expenses
has it just caught my attention?
Track Name: Eyes Open
it used to be so easy to get bored
now i'm just waking up disappointed with myself
when it's past noon
and it's okay with me
if you wanna let me sleep today
I've got nothing to do anyway
so just pull down the shades
close the curtains
go away - go away - go away - go away
i don't have problems, shut up
unless you've got something to say
and tell me how'd it get so hard
to just stay awake

cause all your wildest dreams will only let you down
and the summers back in high school are just memories now
and no one's gonna love you when you leave this town
so peel my eyes open when the sun goes down

it used to be so simple but it's not
and i think that maybe it's complicated
cause i'm tired of being tired, and so are you
and it's perfectly alright with me
if you wanna be alone today
i don't blame you, i don't blame you
and if i was a man, i would know
but i don't - but i don't - but i don't - but i don't
i don't have questions shut up
i don't have to fess up, okay i guess that i messed up
and tell me how'd it get so hard to just say that

Track Name: Hopeless
i've been spending time
thinking bout the time i spend
on things that i despise
and all the sleepless nights
ambition cast aside
for tv and wishing and dreaming
but i'm still waiting on a sign
like i believe in something
like something believes in me
but waiting is too easy
and wishing is too easy
and nothing which is easy will free me

and this is where i turn around
and make my way back to reckless and naive
and i refuse to listen to the sound
the future is loud but my friends are with me now
and now will last awhile
i used to never smile
show my teeth, or be open to change
but all of my friends are with me now
i may lose my way, you know i've already lost it today

just to be clear i admit to all of my crimes
you know i've been a fool so many times
when a hopeless romantic finds love
then he's bound to start looking in places
that he's not gonna find hope at all
i'm always gonna fall

it's not so hopeless after all

thanks for all your patience
you know that i've been trying so hard
well, that's a lie, okay i'll keep this clean
and i'll depict a different scene
and i'll try to be something that i'm not right now
but that's okay
i'll get up in the morning
and i'll only have to walk out the door one time
and no matter how it goes
well i have been a mess before
and i'm good at being useless, but now i'm something more

well i guess it's not so hopeless
Track Name: The First Step (Is Admitting You Have A Problem)
i'm writing a love song
with friends who think i'm wrong
fall asleep with my head on the first step
and sleeping's the first step
to getting enough rest
i can't seem to settle down in time
and i'll give out advice
to anyone who listens
pretend all the wisdom's not frozen
and open the floodgates
to let out frustration
frustrated at nothin, it's nothin

and every other night
you thought it was different
but i'm gonna try harder next time
and i can lay my head
at the foot of your bed
and never wake up and that'd be just fine
that'll be just fine

you're bearing a burden
that's not really worth it
can we just pretend you were in the wrong
you don't have to sing along
when we're driving to your house
i'll give you space, you'll get your space
and the look that's on my face
is not what i mean to say
i just mean to say you're better off this way
you've just had enough to drink
you're just laughing along at things you'd never think were funny
and we're both out of money, it's just for different reasons
you change like the seasons
and still i refuse to listen, i'm sorry for not listening

and every other night
you thought it was different
but i'm gonna try harder next time
and i can lay my head
at the foot of your bed
and never wake up and that'd be just fine
that'll be just fine
and every other time
that you thought that it was different
well maybe, just maybe you had it all figured out this one time
so put your feet down on the floor and
dance around and wait for the sunrise